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Lincoln: Day 1

"I will sing the LORD's praise, for he has been good to me." - Psalm 13:6

The Lord has been great to us this day! Let me tell you about it.

After about 17 hours of labor, Lincoln Scott Frank was born just under 8 pounds and just over 20 inches. He is beautiful, has a great disposition, and is already a strong little trooper.

I can't get enough of the little guy.


We got to hang out for a few minutes, just the three of us, when something weird happened: Hailee and I noticed almost simultaneously that he was turning a little purple. Within seconds, our nurse entered the room, just as a check-up, and we told her that he had just started turning purple.

We moved him back to the warmer and his wonderful newborn pinkish hue returned almost immediately. The on-call pediatrician was notified, as a precaution, who recommended that Lincoln go downstairs for closer monitoring, and just like that, our little wonder was whisked away right in front of our eyes.

As part of the potential intensive care work-up, they tested many different things they wouldn't normally test as quickly, and found something unrelated but perhaps more urgent: his blood sugar was dangerously low.

So treatment began, shooting him up with over 7mLs of glucose and feeding him some Enfamil. We waited 30 minutes and tested his sugar again: no change. More glucose, more Enfamil. 30 minutes later a test revealed a minimal change, but not enough to be encouraging, and just like that, Lincoln was admitted to NICU, and now sits attached to a multitude of monitors and IV glucose to keep pumping his little system full of valuable sugar until his body can regulate it on his own.

His stats seem to have stabilized some, but his glucose levels still appear to be prone to dropping off, we visited about 2 hours apart and they had dropped by about 20% between the two.

We need this little man to start metabolizing his own sugars. They will keep him on IV and test him periodically throughout the night. If he does well, they will begin to wean him off the IV and monitor his sugar levels. If he can get through that and then pass a series of tests, he will be good to come back to us. This is what we're praying for!

What about the purple coloring? There's no reason he should have turned that color. His O2 stats have been nothing but stellar since seconds after that episode. His respiration and heart rate are awesome. The little guy is perfect. There almost seems no explanation for the episode.

Except there is.

Had his color not changed, we wouldn't have asked the nurse to look into anything. Had she not asked the pediatrician what we should do, they never would have tested his glucose and found such low levels. He was so healthy in every other way, there was no reason to suspect anything.

For that matter, the timing of the nurse coming in right in the middle of the episode is no coincidence.

The Lord's hand has been all over us today, and for that, we rejoice! With bolstered faith, we pray for Lincoln's glucose, that his little body would kick it into gear and we'll start seeing all the right blood sugar levels without any IV aid.Join us in prayer as you find or make time! We have seen a faithful God keep his promises time and time again, and we're asking in boldness for his movements once more.

Join us in prayer as you find or make time! We have seen a faithful God keep his promises time and time again, and we're asking in boldness for his movements once more.

Thank you for loving on us and Lincoln through this, we couldn't be where we are today without all the love and support from all our friends and family. Hailee and I have fought hard for this family, but we couldn't have done it without you in the trenches with us.


For Just A Little While

I Love You